The Horny Christian: A Tinderella Story 

Not much to report this week. I’m a simple gal. When I’m not doin back bends in the sun, I like strummin’ guitar, sippin tea and trollin Tinder.

It’s been four days since I’ve subscribed to the service and while I’ve acquired a myriad of matches, still no dates. Which shouldn’t and doesnt come as a surprise. 

While I do not have any romantuc exploits to report I will say this: I know how to own a bar/party when I enter a room, shared a steamy kiss with a tall very attractive gentleman last Saturday night, and well, Ima see how I do this weekend. I have so many social activities lined up, lets see if I can score a date via human on human, aka, the old fashioned way.

Cuz damnit – I still got it.

Til next week….


I’m Christian, I’m horny as hell, so I’m gonna try Tinder.

Folks, hello. Been awhile since my last post so let me bring you up to speed.

Everything in LA is different than NYC but I’ve adjusted. Church is different, work, play, everything. I’m more fit, I’m making more money (Hallelujah!) and the 3 singles off my album are 75% done. Things are lookin up like crazy! Oh, and I have a place to live, great roommates in Franklin Village, my lil Oasis in this sea of LA paradise randomness. And I’m horny as hell.

They always said (they, being the general female public) that bein in your 30s, something happens and all of a sudden your sex drive goes thru the roof. Well I thought I was the exception cuz yes, I get randy at times but being the steadfast Christian I could normally assuage regular-grade horniness with songwriting. Now, that is not the case.

Sometime last month, I dunno, I blame the supermoon, new Hulk-strength “feels” have taken over and no amount of worship, iBethel TV, Hillsong Collected blogs can stabilize it. I’m in uncharted emotional territory.

I did meet a guy recently who I thought could meet my base relational (sexual) wants & needs but ive given up on him, he’s not ready for this jelly. Actually I think my intensity scared him which is fair because im insane.

So now it seems im goin to the other extreme with Tinder. My friend just texted sayin to try okcupid instead which, I will probably back down and do. As much as I want to I cant stomach random stranger sex, as much as I’d like to. So this article is probably me calling bullshit on myself.

But who knows? So afterwork today when im enroute to Santa Monica for the free Tuneyards show on the pier I’m gonna download Tinder and actually (try to bring myself) to meet up with at LEAST one guy. And then I’m gonna blog about it.

Stay tuned……